Industrial or Commercial Water Station

Industrial Water Tank

If you need water for industrial uses like water blasting, concrete cutting, ballast, mud and suction cleaning, dust control, dust suppression and drain cleaning etc. We offer a service to fill your tank in minutes. Have you had enough of paying staff to wait in line at one of the HCC high pressure filling stations or points?

Do you need water for industrial uses like – Balast, water blasting, concrete cutting, drain cleaning, Vacuum, Cooling etc. Have you had enough of paying staff to wait in line at one of the HCC High-pressure Water Filling Point Stations!!! – Where you don’t need high quality Potable water!

Industrial Water Refilling
  • Who’s got the Key?
  • What is our Co PIN Number?
  • What's our customer number?
  • How do I hold the hose and push “Start”
  • The control board is asking me – How many litres do I need ??

Wymer’s have a solution to save those hassles – just call into Wymer’s Yard where you can collect Non-Potable (Non Drinking) water for Industry. Wymer’s have a Filling station set up ready to fill from - fill your tank in minutes at 27 Ellis St Frankton 300 meters from Waterloo Fill Point

Industrial Water Tank
  • No Permit, Key or PIN access required
  • No Fuss Fast Fill – 2 inch Pump on site – Park, Fill & Go!!
  • Fill Hose(s) & Range of fittings – Supplied
  • Low-Pressure Fill on hard stand ground
  • Park & Fill beside Fill Station Tank & Valves
  • Fill & go within Minutes(up to 1000 Litres)

Now Available – U TOW H2O – We now have a hire Trailer with 1000 Litre cube Tank ready to tow away Filled with Non Potable Water Hire. Rates & T’s & C’s TBA) email

Open 8.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday - Non Potable Water Collection from Wymer’s Filling Station 27 Ellis St Frankton - Click Here for directions

Need a Cube tank to have at your work site -1000 Litre Cube tank hire or purchase also available, and we can deliver within Hamilton.
Free Water – yes no charge for Non Potable Water ex Wymer’s filling station until 30th January 2019
Call in and see what have – we can discuss Account Options & Prices for later


To celebrate the launch of our Industrial Water Service you can HELP YOURSELF up to 1000 litres per day FREE OF CHARGE & see how easy and convenient it is!

Drive in & Self Service (must complete day Book with Company details & Qty drawn).

NO CHARGE until 30 January 2019

Fill Up In Minutes

  • Reduced Waiting Time
  • Easy Access
  • Quick and Simple HUMAN service
  • Accounts available

Pricing Structure (plus GST)
Up to 500 Litres $9.00
500 to 1000 Litres $12.50
1001 to 2000 Litres $19.50

For larger loads or regular collections please call Richard on 0800 996 377